Accent Your Bathroom with Marble Vanities

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Accent Your Bathroom with Marble Vanities – The most common materials used in bathroom vanities are the marble. Cool, complex, and beautiful, marble bathroom vanities are well known for its durability, longevity, and the essence of luxury.

You need to realize that choosing a bathroom vanity is not easy. You have to pick out the vanity first before you decide on the theme for it. If it’s the other way around, you might be hard-pressed with the limited choices of modern-day bathroom designs with the latest luxury bathroom vanities.

Bathroom vanities range from sinks to cabinets and from faucets to basins. You need to keep in mind of the use of the vanity before you get one. Choosing over style rather than need might get you into pinch later on when you start with designing and layout your bathroom.

You might think that you have to purchase these vanities one by one and assemble them later in your bathroom. You’re wrong! Single or double sink bathroom amenities, especially marble ones, are all ready-made and ready for use. You may go for hardwood, granite, or veneers, but the best is always the marble.

Traditional wooden bathroom vanities with marble countertops are the most common of all. They can fit with vintage designs, especially art deco and Victorian. They have luxurious sinks and faucets from stainless steel chrome to gold-plated designs, all accentuated by the marble countertops to provide a modern, yet archaic taste.

The cabinets underneath are intricately carved, though some cabinets are plain wooden-make and devoid of any designs or carvings, yet exudes the same amount of elegance nonetheless. If you are not worried about the costs, you can go for full marble vanities with wooden drawers and cabinets. The base and the foundation are solid marble, yet the drawers are made of hardwood of the highest quality.

If you want a more modern design, you can go for marble vanities that look like a shelf with a sink on top. The sink is usually made of glass and the faucet is extended to accommodate it. The sink can also be made of porcelain glass or marble.

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