Backyard Landscape Design

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A well-maintained tropical backyard garden.

Before you start looking for backyard landscaping ideas, you need to be very clear about what exactly you have in your mind. Are you looking for a backyard landscape design where you can just sit and relax your mind? Or do you have a lot of outdoor cookouts planned in your mind? For people who have pets or children, it is essential to take into account their needs while searching for landscape design online or in pictures. A good option is to use a landscape design software to get your creative juices flowing; you can draw whatever you have in your mind or export ideas from other pictures and designs and then customize your backyard according to its size, shape, and slope.

To give you a general overview of the kind of backyard styles to think about, here are some simple landscape design ideas:

A Pool or Pond

Although it may seem a little clich+ed to some but a pool is a great option for your backyard landscaping. You can go for a large, central pool if your backyard is big enough in size, otherwise, you can get a small one made in any shape. The areas around the pool can be decorated with small plantings and shrubs etc. that form a beautiful contrast of green and blue in your backyard.

However, pools require a lot of maintenance and a large budget to be constructed. Therefore, the idea may seem charming to you initially, but make sure you are ready to maintain the look of your backyard once the pool has been constructed.

A natural swimming pool can combine the best of both worlds: a relaxing place to swim, and an oasis for wildlife

The Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen would mean installing a number of appliances in your backyard but make sure that everything you choose for your outdoor kitchen goes well with the natural ambiance, which is the main element of the idea. To make it look conventional, you can go for a brick oven and you can complement it with an outdoor fireplace. A good idea would be to have a look at the landscape design pictures of stone or wooden outdoor kitchens. Make sure that the furniture you add to your outdoor kitchen is also simple and comfortable.

An outdoor kitchen area can allow you to do some barbecuing, cooking, and bartending while entertaining guests

Theme Gardens

A white garden is often part of a classic English garden.

For small backyard landscaping, setting up a themed garden can make your backyard look welcoming and lively. Either you can go for a color theme i.e. you can make a series of flower beds with specific colors or you can go for a fragrance theme. For a colored garden, you can have small bunches of red, yellow and orange flower ranges. In between these, you can also add colors of purple and burgundy or a combination of black roses. On the other hand, the fragrance theme will require you to choose a particular type of flower species. You can go for red roses, lilies, tulips or any other flower that you like. Do not forget to add a contrast of green in your garden; otherwise, it will look too dull.