Exploring The Delights Of The Eternal City – Rome

When it comes to history, there is no other city in the world like Rome. A plethora of monumental buildings and ruins harp back to a time when the city was indeed ‘caput Mundi’ (the capital of the world). However Rome is more than just a history lesson, and what a slice of history it represents. In addition, it’s a thriving eclectic metropolis full of sights, sounds and smells.

When you arrive in the city for the very first time, the primary thing that strikes you is that it has a real buzz about it. Pass any café in the city at around 10am and you will see it full to the brim with modern day Romans grabbing a quick espresso before rushing off to go about their business. Walk past the Trastevere and it won’t be hard to spot the many elderly ladies talking animatedly about the latest goings on. Alternatively stroll through the Centro Storico and you will see a myriad of tour guides raising their placards whilst hurriedly walking to the next must see destination, closely followed by a gaggle of eager tourists. Yes, Rome is busy, and yes Rome can be noisy, but stroll into any Piazza, sit at any shady cafe and order a glass of something long and cool, then sit back  and watch the frenetic pace of the city pass you by, and you’ll  feel a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Even though there is so much to see and do here, the city is a place that almost encourages you to kick back and take things easy. You won’t feel the urge to pack in as many Rome tours as you can, that is unless you want to of course. Instead, Rome is a city where you can feel pretty good just simply strolling through the piazza’s, streets and viale’s with the warm spring sun on your face.

Talking of Rome weather, the best times of the year to come to the city are late spring and early autumn when the sky is blue, the flowers are in full bloom and the smell of espresso wafts through the air. During the months of July and August any sensible modern day Roman will take refuse on the coast, as the city can be uncomfortably warm for some. Having said that, the unrelenting flood of tourists into the city continues, irrespective of the temperature.

If ever there was a city that provided the perfect mix of history and modernity, then it has to be Rome. Facts are there for all to see. Great historical buildings such as the Colosseum are passed by like traffic islands from an endless stream of Vespa’s; beautiful baroque piazzas are buzzing with restaurants selling plate loads of pasta to hungry tourists; and ancient ruins that once reflected the power and the wealth of the city, go unnoticed by modern day Romans who are going about their everyday business.

In essence Rome is undoubtedly a beautiful city which any would be visitor would enjoy. You don’t have to be deeply into history to appreciate the attention to detail that previous emperors, kings and governors have lavished on this city. There are signs of it everywhere you look, and this is why many people have fallen in love with the eternal city and as a result, return time and time again.

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