Make Your Own Herb Tea

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If you are a beginning gardener, starting your gardening experience with an herb garden is an excellent choice. Get ready to learn about herb gardening.

Herb gardens can be grown both inside and outside. It is recommended that beginner herb gardens should begin their gardening experience indoors with just a few select plants. There is a simple reason for this. Outside your plants are subjected to climate conditions such as wind, rain, frost and other conditions that you will be unable to control. When your indoors you don’t have to worry about the weather and you can also control how much sun the herbs get.

Having control over these conditions will make your experience easier and you likely won’t get as frustrated. As you become more comfortable you can try moving your herbs to a deck or porch, and then eventually a garden. In addition, you can enjoy fresh herbs year round.

Getting a starter plant from a nursery will also help increase your chances for success. That is because seed germination does not always take place if the seed is too old or simply not a good a seed.

Starting from a plant at least you know that it has already proven its ability to grow and will do so with the proper nourishment and care. When purchasing started plants choose plants that are healthy and strong.

Selecting Plants

The best way to choose the plants for your indoor herb garden is to start by making a list of those herbs you would like to grow the most. After you have a list of ten check with your nursery to see which ones are available in starter plants. Next, you are going to have to determine how much space you have in the area where you are planning your indoor garden and just how many plants you want to begin with.

A good number for the first time gardener is 3 to 5 plants. Fewer plants will help you focus and observer which will improve your gardening skills. A few suggestions for starters are oregano, chives, or mint. You can also ask for recommendations from your nursery.

Use a Book

One of the best things you can do before beginning your first herb garden is to purchase a book or download articles on herb gardening and read as much as you can about this hobby. You can also talk with your nursery and others who have successfully gorwn herbs. The more you know about herb gardening before you start the more confident you will feel in this venture and the more likely you are to enjoy your gardening experience.