New Furnace Rental Program Makes Renting A Furnace Easy for Homeowners

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Many people will be thinking about making a purchase for a new furnace this winter, but most simply do not have the cash available or they just don’t want to be locked into a high-interest financing contract! Paul Walters of Heating Plus in Toronto estimates that 1 out of every 10 furnaces is not operating safely, but the homeowners simply cannot replace the furnace due to the high cost (a High-Efficiency Furnace can cost over three thousand dollars).

It’s really hard to red tag a furnace for a high CO reading when you know the homeowners cannot afford a new one says, Paul Walters, “that’s the reason why we started working on a new furnace rental program” The Furnace Rental Program allows homeowners to rent a High-Efficiency Furnace for only $39.99 a month with No Contract and No Upfront Money.

In fact, homeowners in Ontario can get back up to $2000 in rebates just by renting. The Furnace Rental Program says Paul Walters of Heating Plus was designed to make it easy for any homeowner to rent a High-Efficiency Furnace with no contract and you can buy the furnace out at any point, in most cases the buyout price is less than most heating companies can sell it to you for.

The installation is FREE, Repairs are covered as well as the annual maintenance, an order form and avoid check is all that is needed to get things started! Installation can usually be completed within a day or two says Paul Walters of Heating Plus.

The phones at Heating Plus are starting to ring about 10 times a day from homeowners in the Toronto area asking about the rental program. The demand is so great that Heating Plus has taken on extra staff to handle all the calls.

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