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What are the advantages of having raised garden beds? Gardeners find them easy to work with and easy to maintain plus they can increase your harvest.

We have utilized the concept of raised garden beds for many years, but why are raised garden beds becoming so popular? Well, they do have great advantages for lots of backyards.

Easy to reach
How appealing is growing and harvesting your next meal, or picking a bouquet of flowers without bending down, don’t you just love the idea that raised garden beds to allow you to do your planting, weeding and harvesting in a much more comfortable position. This will help guard against backaches which can sometimes deter you in your endeavors to supply the family with fresh quality produce but it’s also a great idea for people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Easy to prepare

To be successful with growing vegetables or flowers of any kind you have to provide certain growing conditions; how many times have you been advised that to increase harvest and raise good quality, healthy plants you must ensure the soil is well prepared with lots of organic matter, be loose, fertile, and well draining with a certain pH level?

Now with raised garden beds, you have an advantage because you can provide the optimum conditions much more easily. The soil conditions can be controlled more effectively in the different raised garden beds as you add exactly what you need to suit particular plants. Remember the value of a Soil Test Kit which will eliminate the guesswork.

You can easily supply loose, well-draining soil as you won’t be walking on it and compacting it. Root crops, such as carrots, will do particularly well as there will be no stones to hinder their growth.

Easy to maintain

  • A good point to make here is that because you don’t have to leave spaces to walk, plants can be grown closer together, and this, in turn, reduces weeding, well how good is that! However, plants tend to grow more vigorously in raised garden beds so make sure you leave enough room for them.
  • Water, compost, mulch, and fertilizers can be applied much more economically and won’t be washed away.
  • As the soil is above ground level they tend to warm up quicker in the spring and stay warmer later in the fall which can increase your harvest.
  • Another advantage is that they are a great deterrent for pests such as slugs and snails.

Taking account all these advantages it’s quite conceivable that raised garden beds could almost double your harvest.

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to raised garden beds, there are wooden ones, steel ones, concrete, etc; big ones, small ones. With choices of shape, color, and height you can certainly find one to blend in with any type of landscape.

Once you have tried raised garden beds you will probably want more than one. Just leave room between each for walking or for